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Diabadass Extraordinaire: Erik Douds

Erik Douds and I met while studying abroad in Denmark. It was a long time ago, but even then he seemed on a mission. Having been diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, he was really drawn to help others like himself who suffer from this. But not to help in the traditional sense, the one that takes pity on those who have to work a little bit harder in life, but instead he wants to turn diabetics into DIABADASSES, but it's not enough for him to just talk about it, write about it, or to just create an online community about this (all of which he has done, I might add) but after being compelled by those in his online community to go out into the world to spread his message. He packed up his bike and did an entire year of travel around the US and Canada connecting with other Type 1's, friends, family, and strangers to share his story and experience and to empower those around him.

If it isn't obvious from our discussion, Erik is an incredibly charismatic and energetic guy. It therefore should be completely unsurprising that he has managed to bike into a town a stranger, and leave a member of a community. We talk about travel, we talk about biking, we talk about Amtrak, we talk about diabetes, we talk about movements, we talk about people, we talk about small town and big town America, but at it's core what we really discuss is how to connect with people on topics that matter to you and the power of sharing stories. Erik is a walking (or riding depending on the day) inspiration and this is just the beginning. But let’s get into it - ladies and gentlemen Erik Douds, Diabadass Extraordinaire.

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Music: Ben Browning - Sunshine Baby

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