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Black Panther Album: "Bloody Waters" by Ab Soul, Anderson .Paak, and James Blake

Given the recent success of the hit, blockbuster movie Black Panther, coupled with the prominent civil discourse and mainstream media coverage around issues of race in America, this week we are dedicating our posts to Black Panther: The Album by Kendrick Lamar and various artists. Each day this week we’ll be rolling out posts on various songs off the album. Stay tuned and, as always, let us know your thoughts!

No stranger to producing top  hip-hop albums, the indomitable Kendrick Lamar has once again honed his creative ingenuity and ability to blend musical styles with the perspectives of the black panther movement.  (Inspired by Marvel’s new blockbuster hit, Black Panther, Kendrick’s album is its musical counterpart, capturing the undertones of the Black Panther movement.)”

Kendrick Lamar makes a solid showing with his hip hop album created to incite action in its listeners while illustration problems within predominantly black communities all across the globe. Lamar Incorporates many influences from thematic elements form the textual references from the film to African rhythms and musicians.

Bloody Waters

Key Lyrics

“The big picture's in motion, are you playin' your part?
Before the lights get dark and the curtains get closed
Are you playin' your role?”

Where's The Meaning?

To build on the  themes of this week let’s look at the song “Bloody Waters” featuring Ab-Soul, Anderson .Paak & James Blake. In “Bloody Waters” these artists all take turns highlighting  the perils of growing up surrounded by gang activity. Accompanied by some grooving drums and distant percussion, Ab-soul speaks directly to listeners:

The meaning can be found in its very clear call-to-action to get involved in ensuring community trust and security. Change does not happen by itself, it requires the collective effort of every member in a community.

Cause Warriors

Groups like Run For Something are working hard to encourage people to reclaim their local politic and contribute to their communities. It is more relevant now than ever for the youth and those who are determined to see the change they want in their communities to get involved and be the catalyst for change.