Are you looking to transform the look of your bathroom? A wall hung vanity can be an effective way to update the look of your bathroom, while also adding essential storage space. Wall hung vanities come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your bathroom. In this article, we’ll look at how to choose the right wall hung vanity, the luxury of a floating vanity, combining style and practicality, maximizing space with corner wall hung vanities, and incorporating clever storage solutions. Read on to find the perfect wall hung vanity for your bathroom!

Choosing the Right Wall Hung Vanity

Ready to spruce up your bathroom? Check out these tips for selecting the perfect wall-mounted vanity! First, consider the size of your space. Wall-mounted vanities come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to measure your bathroom and pick one that fits comfortably. When it comes to style, take your pick from sleek, modern designs, traditional wood finishes, or rustic stone accents. Finally, think about the functionality you need. Do you need plenty of storage space, or will a single sink unit be enough? Whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a wall-mounted vanity to suit them!

Adding a Touch of Luxury with a Floating Vanity

For an extra touch of elegance, a floating vanity can elevate any bathroom space and give a sense of luxury. Floating vanities are typically mounted directly onto the wall and supported by hidden brackets. This creates an airy feel and maximizes space in the bathroom. Floating vanities are also a great option if you want to make a statement with the design of your vanity. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, so you can easily find one to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Adding a floating vanity to your bathroom is a great way to boost the style and sophistication of your space. You can pair a floating vanity with a sleek, modern mirror for a contemporary look or a luxurious stone countertop for a more traditional style. No matter what style you choose, a floating vanity is sure to make your bathroom look and feel luxurious.

Combining Style and Practicality with Wall Mounted Vanities

Discover how a vanity wall hung can combine style and practicality to create a beautiful bathroom look. Wall-mounted vanities are a great way to save space, while still providing plenty of storage. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, so you can find one that matches the style of your bathroom perfectly. Wall-mounted vanities also give you the freedom to customize the look of your vanity and choose the type of sink and countertop you want. Wall-mounted vanities also make it easier to clean, as they don’t have the same depth as a traditional vanity. With a wall-mounted vanity, you can easily keep the countertop clear of clutter, while still having plenty of storage space. You can also use the space underneath the vanity for other storage such as towels and toiletries. Wall-mounted vanities can be a great way to create a modern and stylish look in your bathroom, and with the right design ideas, you can create the perfect bathroom.

Maximizing Space with Corner Wall Hung Vanities

Take your bathroom to the next level with corner vanities wall hung – they’ll help you maximize space and create a truly unique look! Corner vanities offer a great opportunity to make the most out of a not-so-large bathroom. They can be used in the corner, or you can combine them with a larger unit to create a custom look. With wall hung vanities, you can easily adjust the height and the distance from the wall, making them perfect for all types of bathrooms.

Corner wall hung vanities come in a variety of sizes and materials to match your existing bathroom d├ęcor. You can choose from a variety of designs that feature drawers, shelves, and storage compartments. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can find a corner vanity that fits perfectly in the nook or corner of the room. If you’re looking for a more modern look, you can choose a vanity with sleek lines and minimalistic design. No matter what style you choose, you’ll be able to create a space-saving and stylish design.

Incorporating Clever Storage Solutions with a Wall Hung Vanity

With a wall hung vanity, you can incorporate clever storage solutions and give your bathroom a stylish makeover in no time! Wall hung vanities are a great way to maximize the available space in a bathroom, and the storage options they provide are endless. For example, adding a vanity with drawers and shelves can help keep your bathroom looking neat and organized. You can also install additional shelves and drawers to store makeup, toiletries, and other small items. Additionally, many of these vanities come with a built-in mirror, which can be used to check your appearance while getting ready.

In addition to the storage features, wall hung vanities also come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect one for your bathroom. From classic white to modern chrome, there are plenty of options to choose from. This makes it easy to create a unique look in your bathroom, and a wall hung vanity can be an ideal choice for those looking to give their bathroom a stylish makeover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do wall hung vanities typically cost?

Wall hung vanities are a great way to add a contemporary look to your bathroom. They are usually more expensive than a standard vanity, but can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The cost of a wall hung vanity will depend on the size, type of material, and features you choose. If you are looking to save money, you can find good quality wall hung vanities for under $1,000.

How long does it usually take to install a wall hung vanity?

Installing a wall hung vanity can take anywhere from one to two days, depending on the size and complexity of the project. It is important to make sure the wall is secure and level, as well as that all the necessary equipment is readily available. Professional installation is recommended to ensure a quick and quality job.

Are wall hung vanities suitable for small bathrooms?

Wall hung vanities are becoming increasingly popular for bathrooms of all sizes, but they are especially well-suited for small bathrooms. They provide an open, airy feel as they don’t take up any floor space, making the room appear larger. Plus, they can often be installed quickly, making them a great choice for a quick bathroom makeover. However, it’s important to measure your bathroom carefully to ensure that the vanity you choose fits properly.

How do I know if my walls can support a wall hung vanity?

When installing a wall hung vanity, it’s important to ensure that your walls have the necessary support for the weight of the unit. To do so, you should check the studs in your wall with a stud finder to determine if they are strong enough to support the vanity. Although wall hung vanities are typically lightweight, they should still be installed in walls that have been reinforced to handle the load. Additionally, you should consider using a wall mount kit to ensure that the vanity is securely installed.

What type of maintenance is required to keep a wall hung vanity in good condition?

Maintaining a wall hung vanity is essential to keeping it in good condition. Regular dusting and wiping down of the vanity and the wall behind it can help to keep it looking its best. You should also ensure that water is not left standing on the surface and that any spills are wiped up quickly. For more intensive cleaning, you may want to try a gentle cleaner or a specialised cleaner designed specifically for bathroom fixtures. Additionally, you should inspect the wall for any signs of damage or deterioration and, if necessary, repair or replace any damaged sections.


Transforming your bathroom with a wall hung vanity is an easy way to add sophistication and style. Not only do they look great, but they also offer a practical solution for maximising space and incorporating clever storage solutions. Whether you opt for a luxurious floating vanity or a corner wall hung option, you’re sure to find a design that fits your style and your budget. With so many great options out there, you’re sure to find the perfect wall hung vanity to transform your bathroom.