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SOS (Society of Sound) Music Media was established to showcase media that matters.

SOS Media is a social impact creative media company that curates pop-culture entertainment to spark thought, civil discourse, and civic engagement. Our aim is to build interest for social issues online and connect that to physical engagement offline via live events and our SOS community.  

We facilitate this connection through the use of music videos, podcasts, and live events as vehicles to highlight issues that traditionally go unnoticed by conventional media outlets and allow us to understand issues through an emotional lens, not simply a theoretical, academic, or political lens. So, we showcase artists and thought leaders large and small who through their work capture the inner-workings of our society.

Three pronged approach to boosting cultural connectivity:

  1. Journalism - Showcasing pop-culture entertainment that touches upon relevant social issues and producing short-form journalism to highlight the meaning in the entertainment in order to spark thought and engagement.

  2. Podcast - Speaking with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and entertainers on social issues to spur civil discourse.

  3. Live events - Connecting individuals, thought leaders, organizations, and institutions through live discussions, workshops, concerts, and podcast recordings and in the process building strong networks and community to reignite civic engagement.

We hope you enjoy, groove, and learn on our platform, because whether we like it or not, we are, and always have been, a Society of Sound.

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